Tuesday 26 August 2014

The White Book

Low Tech Shangrila

Create jobs now! 

Free market Technologies for Food, Water, Finance, Nutrition and Pollution.

A collection of articles solving major world problems and providing business ideas at the same time. 

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Free Articles...


How Could Wiki Communities Crowdsolve Major World Problems As Soon As Possible?


Are Apple Cider Miniatures and Sprays The Quickest Way to End The Iodine Crisis?

Can Single Nutritional Sachets and Sampler Packs Dramatically Speed Up The Health Renaissance?


Could Rapid Growth Organic Crops Make A Substantial Dent in World Hunger?

How Can Google, Silicon Valley and Tesla Motors Help Feed the World and Make A Profit?


What Devices Could Solve Water Scarcity and Create Jobs?


Does Crowdfunding Education Have Huge Growth Potential?

A Few Random Ideas For Singapores Economic Future

How Can India Drastically Raise Standards of Living And Provide Free Market Jobs at the Same Time?


  1. I'm all on board with this but I could use some other people to bounce ideas around. I got the ebook and am trying to figure out a way to implement the nutritional business ideas, especially the individual vitamin packs since those are tricky. Not to mention the selling to people and how they will trust you...Those are the hard and realistic questions I have.

    I absolutely want to make these grassroot business ideas happen, but guidance and a community to talk these things out is much needed.

  2. Have a look at http://www.permies.com/forums, the community is pretty good.

  3. Michael, we'll set up a FB group within a week. We're working on the same problems ourselves. Trust: We are going to try reselling known brands of Liposomal C and Nascent Iodine. This means we can use the literature from the manufacturers. Another way to gain trust is to have an excellent portfolio of information that people can read themselves. Also, eBay has trust ratings if you want to sell online. I think honesty and good customer service will go a long way.... It's a potentially vast market, we can figure out all the basics together, as there's room for everyone. Watch this space and we'll set up the group...

  4. In the meantime do not overlook the work of Michael Tellinger (Ubuntu/Contributism). By its very nature, it has enormous potential.

    1. I heard of it Eratho, I'll take a look. I think we need 10,000 experiments. Everyone should brainstorm, engage, and just see what works. I don't like this one size fits all economic tyranny.

  5. Hi Michael/Everyone

    We've got a group up.


    Not many posters but it's early days.

    We're also starting a group to translate and distribute the Contact With Agartha PDF. We're going to give any translator a fair cut of the materials.


    If anyone's interested, contact us at frodonomics2020@gmail.com


  6. http://riverstomach.weebly.com/
    This 1 of my solutions